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ODD? Property Taxes are 40% – 60%+ OVER-ASSESSED!

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The Little-Known “Property Tax Side-Hustle” That Gets You High Contingency Commissions AND Helps Over-Assessed Homes and Businesses Lower Their Property Taxes Simply send out a mailing to any highly assessed area and see what happens. People who appeal over-assessed property taxes realize great savings (maybe most importantly) that over the years, those tax savings stick […]

Dispute & Challenge Unfair Property Tax Assessments

Although sometimes the properties are looked at physically, more often, assessments are amassed using old data and simply rolled over. One needs to challenge and dispute over-the-top property tax assessment! At the homeowner’s expense, property tax assessors are well known for inaccurate, unfair assessments. Even though property tax rates vary widely from state to state […]

Property Tax Rate Cut

It’s been a long hot week for temperature extremes, a federal interest rate cut, Shark Week and political debates. How about a property tax rate cut? Although the dollar is stronger, when it comes to the home front, budget shortfalls seem to always evolve higher. Property taxes never seem to go down. With the reality […]

Special Power of Attorney Form Used For Property Tax Appeals

Special Power of Attorney is a right given to every American citizen to enter into a contract to represent someone in a civil issue. It allows one to hire an agent with limited powers. As such, a Special Power of Attorney narrows the range of choices that the agent can make. In regard to Property […]