Real Estate Property Tax Guide

real estate property tax guide

Ever notice how generous tax incentive are given to big retailers and big businesses? Do these tax incentives get change later on or do residential homeowners get left holding the bag? That’s a problem!

BIG retailers argued that their stores should be valued as if they were vacant or “dark” properties, and not according to their use. The controversy has been nicknamed “dark store theory.”

Taxpayers create a gift so to speak for these big business projects. But look at the mini-strip malls, auto mechanic repair shops and other small businesses. Does the small business get any lowering property tax incentives? NO! 

Small business, mom and pop shops are serious employers within the local business community. They never get dark store incentives. 

Amazon has eaten into the profits of many a retail store. Amazon has paid no taxes (effective rip off lobbyists in Washington D.C. & political payoffs) despite their over 200 billion in ever increasing annual sales! Amazon’s effect on its competition in 2019 is a retail apocalypse happening in America costing 597,000 retail employees their jobs.

Politicians are paid off. Very few stand up for the little guy and gal. Big business hires marketing lobbies for huge tax breaks.

Witness the empty stores in mini-malls and small shopping plazas. They were never given tax breaks. Moreover, if the owner doesn’t contest his business property tax, SILENCE from the authorities!

If there are vacancies or income losses for a business, his or hers over-assessment will not change unless contested. Same situation for the massive over-assessed residential homes. If one doesn’t appeal their over-assessment, do the authorities care? SILENCE.

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