ODD? Property Taxes are 40% – 60%+ OVER-ASSESSED!

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The Little-Known “Property Tax Side-Hustle” That Gets You High Contingency Commissions AND Helps Over-Assessed Homes and Businesses Lower Their Property Taxes

Simply send out a mailing to any highly assessed area and see what happens.

People who appeal over-assessed property taxes realize great savings (maybe most importantly) that over the years, those tax savings stick can build into a serious lump of continuing cash savings (example: a typical 20% reduction, say $1,000/yr. property tax savings = $10,000 savings over the next ten years).

There is one thing that increase the chances for a real property tax reduction above anything else “in my experience as a real estate appraiser” and this worksheet ensures you get it.

Best of all, I’ve already written it for you, free.  Just take my template and fill in the blanks. (I give you some resources for getting those online facts.)

With a nationwide over-assessment and error rate hovering in the 40% -60% range, use this information to appeal and see what happens. (Or do it for a client if you’re looking for extra income.)

I’m going to give you this review course and adjustment template for free. No strings attached. You just gotta put your name and email below and I’ll send it straight to your inbox. 

Do it right now and you may just be close to having a lower property tax for yourself and/or a more profitable side-hustle helping others from getting over-charged  and how to stand out in a property tax appeal.

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