Market Valuation Creds

If you get the course, and after finishing this Real Estate Market Valuation and Property Tax Appeal Course, having been trained by real estate valuations experts, you’ll have creds. You’ll have the knowledge to deliver an accurate valuation within accepted market valuation parameters.

You’ll have been trained by an expert. In any turf war, with creds, if you stand up for yourself, you can be rewarded.

You’ll have the right to call out any town’s property tax assessor if his or her evidence is not up to par with professional accepted standards.  Various Appraisal districts employ mass appraisals where the low-cost bidder wins the mass appraisal contract.

 There is not enough time to scrutinize and evaluate comparable properties within an area. Timewise, they miss out on many key factors. Even on a house-to-house level many inconsistencies result since the low-cost bidders’ time allotment per home assessment is miniscule.

Consider that an accurate market valuation home real estate appraisal professional estimate is somewhat expensive.  It can cost anywhere from $300 to $450 nationwide.

Municipalities lack the funding to conduct accurate expensive blanket reassessments. All too often previous assessments are simply rolled over.

The chance for an over-assessment is high. If one doesn’t determine if they have a case for appeal they stand to lose thousands.

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