Gaming The System: TRICKs but rarely TREATs

Do you know what’s amazing about psychology?

The day arrives when everyone in town hall sends out their IOU’s and homeowners and businesses receive their property tax assessment notice. Most will look at it, perhaps put it in a pile for later review.

Most will dismiss it as an obligation. But, was it a trick or a treat?

You, like everyone else, is left in the dark when not given evidence. To figure accuracy one needs justifiable data, but none was given, just a number, an assessment.

Psychologically, blind public trust is the built in that makes it smooth at the tax assessors’ office. This way he could put his feet up on the desk and do nothing. A few smoking guns from documentation  ( )  have shown over-assessments are rampant.  What’s going on? What to do?

Most people sweep the evidence under the carpet since they are too busy with the mechanics and duties of daily life to appeal. Rarely do they get a treat under-assessment unless connected politically or it was done by gross oversight.

With rental properties, if one needs to reduce over-assessments, here is an answer. If you own property, want to help businesses or help potential clients lower overhead over-assessment expenses there is a solution. Note that reduced assessments rollover year after year.

The likelihood of an over-assessment for your home, business or for a client is real. This is a real business. And yes, you can make a boatload of money helping others.

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