Property Tax Guides For Assessment Errors & Challenges

With blanket assessment for an area takes place, errors easily creep in. Besides the time constraints imposed on the company that won the bid to do the property tax assessment job for that jurisdiction, they need to make a profit.  Note that time necessary to sit back and analyze subtle differences that make a big difference is often not accounted for. Previous assessments for an area are often just rolled over again and again.

Assessment errors occur, that’s why you search for property tax appeal guides. Take location for example. The location of a home with a dynamite view could command twice the price of a home with a poor view. Who wouldn’t rather have a lovely view to wake up to and glance at throughout the daylight hours?

Locational differences have multipliers. These settings are explained and examples given for how to determine these values. This is important for adjusting other comparable sold homes to your home in order to determine market value and reducing an assessment.

There are noisy locations verses quiet, serene settings, smelly locations, graffiti telltale negative locations, near a graveyard, near a highway, buzzed by lights, noise, air traffic, EMG emitting high tension towers and lines, radon exposure, old neighborhoods vs modern vs row houses, small yard verses big yards, near good schools and favorable amenities,  … it’s an endless list. These kinds of valuation factors need to be adjusted before challenging an assessment. One needs to get an accurate variation difference that the guides cited provide.

Other than location, there adjustments that also need to be entered for square foot differences, comparative age for a dwelling, functional practicality citing deficiencies or overbuilt features, number of rooms, quality, condition and style of construction, decks, patios, porches, landscaping, remodeled kitchen, fireplaces, pools … it’s a large list of appeal possibilities.

Our Property Tax Appeal Guide provides all the math and backup knowledge and numerous examples for each situation so an accurate market value can be determined even if this is your first time. The math is fifth grade elementary school simple.

I’m reminded of a famous quote about taxes by Judge Learned Hand: “Nobody owes any public duty to pay more than the law demands.” Learn more, click or copy and paste into your browser:

This kind of knowledge can be used to process property tax appeals for your neighbors or as a part-time business with clients (real easy to find). Using a legal right called Power Of Attorney (power of attorney (POA) or letter of attorney is a written authorization to represent or act on another’s behalf in private affairs, business, or some other legal matter), one can represent these clients’ cases to the assessor or adjustment board without the client being there. This is a convenience to those busy working and who cannot afford taking time off to appeal property tax assessment errors or have time to prepare such an appeal.

Using this legal document authorization in the Power Of Attorney also  allows one to help those who are old and infirmed and cannot travel comfortably, those away on business, on vacation, own vacation homes, etc. It helps them fix a wrong in order to pay ONLY their fair share and not continue getting fleeced by overpaying. Learn more, click or copy and paste into your browser:

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