Foxes in the hen house equal bigger property tax bills

Foxes in the hen house? Local officials say cities, counties, school districts and natural resources districts have long used the windfalls from valuation growth to cover the rising costs of governing, including inflation, salaries, health care and retirement.

There needs to be transparency from local governments! DETAILED salaries for all local employees and all associated employee perks when they plan to collect more taxes.

Spending by many local governments has been growing faster than inflation. Is there a Taxpayers Bill of Rights in your town which restricts public entities from collecting money surpassing the rate of population growth and inflation?

Existing nationwide 40%+ real estate property tax assessment ERRORS, over-charge blunders and excesses need scrutiny. Who’s going to do it? Property Tax Consultants can make a difference.

Since there is a reasonable chance for gross over-assessments in a community and few appeal, here’s a sound way to succeed on a property tax appeal using current valuation benchmarks at your fingertips:

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