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Real Estate Market Valuations and Sales Ratio

Real Estate Market Value

If were over-charged 40% – 60% or more on your property tax, would you be OK with you? Experts have told us that in the United States, 40 -60 percent or even more homeowners ARE over-assessed! Why such large over-assessment errors? An accurate market valuation home appraisal costs $300 to $450. Municipalities lack the funding […]

Under The Radar Side Hustle

Property tax appeal business

If seeing a lower assessment figure than the market does NOT mean you’re under assessed. One needs to view the sales ratio. For example, if the assessed valuation of a piece of real estate is $200,000 and its market value is $250,000, its assessment ratio is 0.80, or 80%.  Any chance to decrease a property tax […]

Over-Assessed Homes Need To Appeal

Urgent! Uncovering over-assessed property tax appeals can help many a victim. When most business prospects look depressed and down in the dumps, there is one side business to get into that you could count on: appealing commercial businesses property taxes. Appeal is urgent otherwise that property tax does not change! Just like residential properties, if […]

Property Tax Consulting

After you get the property tax appeal course it’s suggested to begin a property tax appeal on your own home, on your rentals (if you have them) or a client’s property as soon after you get the course. This is because the adjustment to comparables will be particular to each case and one learns best […]

AI Property Tax Machine

What about having an AI Property Tax Machine in charge? Benjamin Franklin once said: “Nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Interestingly, Wake County, North Carolina has embraced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to reinvent the property valuation process. Properties need to be assessed fairly so owners are paying their […]

Property Tax assessment vs Appraisal

A home tax assessment is simply used to determine the value of the property for taxation purposes and may or may not reflect the actual market value for what you could actually get for the property if you sold it. The valuation is supposed to be based on a blanket appraisal for the area the […]

Rental Real Estate Property Tax Valuation Assessment Help & Property Tax Plus Income Property Deductions Guide Direction

Those who live a little more than an hour away from New York City have issues like everyone else. Property owners need a rental real estate property tax valuation manual. Anyone who owns real estate should pick up an assessment help property tax and income property tax deductions guide. The politicians play games when it […]

Foxes in the hen house equal bigger property tax bills

Foxes in the hen house? Local officials say cities, counties, school districts and natural resources districts have long used the windfalls from valuation growth to cover the rising costs of governing, including inflation, salaries, health care and retirement. There needs to be transparency from local governments! DETAILED salaries for all local employees and all associated […]

Property Tax Guides For Assessment Errors & Challenges

With blanket assessment for an area takes place, errors easily creep in. Besides the time constraints imposed on the company that won the bid to do the property tax assessment job for that jurisdiction, they need to make a profit.  Note that time necessary to sit back and analyze subtle differences that make a big […]

What About Property Tax Consulting?

Evidence for property taxes assessments points out that whoever is on the receiving end needs to scrutinize. What evidence? It was reported that 48% Of All NJ Homeowners are Over-Assessed – found in: (data obtained from the MOD4 and SR1A files maintained by New Jersey County Assessors). If that happens and assessments are so […]