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Market Valuation Creds

If you get the course, and after finishing this Real Estate Market Valuation and Property Tax Appeal Course, having been trained by real estate valuations experts, you’ll have creds. You’ll have the knowledge to deliver an accurate valuation within accepted market valuation parameters. You’ll have been trained by an expert. In any turf war, with […]

Real Estate Market Valuations and Sales Ratio

Real Estate Market Value

If were over-charged 40% – 60% or more on your property tax, would you be OK with you? Experts have told us that in the United States, 40 -60 percent or even more homeowners ARE over-assessed! Why such large over-assessment errors? An accurate market valuation home appraisal costs $300 to $450. Municipalities lack the funding […]

Under The Radar Side Hustle

Property tax appeal business

If seeing a lower assessment figure than the market does NOT mean you’re under assessed. One needs to view the sales ratio. For example, if the assessed valuation of a piece of real estate is $200,000 and its market value is $250,000, its assessment ratio is 0.80, or 80%.  Any chance to decrease a property tax […]