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Property Tax Consulting

After you get the property tax appeal course it’s suggested to begin a property tax appeal on your own home, on your rentals (if you have them) or a client’s property as soon after you get the course. This is because the adjustment to comparables will be particular to each case and one learns best […]

Fact Matter and Chatter

Facts speak for themselves. It lets the listener decide. Facts along with well thought out explanations are necessary when presenting one’s case. One needs facts and evidence to educate those in a position to pass judgment. As years pass, home assessment valuations develop gaps between sales prices and assessed values. Municipal tax systems seek to […]

Property Tax Comparable Adjustment Guide

Homeowners and businesses complain about increases in their property taxes. Previous assessments are rolled over and few contest when properties are overvalued.  If a property owner, a business or owner of rental property believes the new assessment does not represent fair market value, they need to appeal. The process of equalizing values of similar properties […]