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Property Tax assessment vs Appraisal

A home tax assessment is simply used to determine the value of the property for taxation purposes and may or may not reflect the actual market value for what you could actually get for the property if you sold it. The valuation is supposed to be based on a blanket appraisal for the area the […]

Dispute & Challenge Unfair Property Tax Assessments

Although sometimes the properties are looked at physically, more often, assessments are amassed using old data and simply rolled over. One needs to challenge and dispute over-the-top property tax assessment! At the homeowner’s expense, property tax assessors are well known for inaccurate, unfair assessments. Even though property tax rates vary widely from state to state […]

Rental Real Estate Property Tax Valuation Assessment Help & Property Tax Plus Income Property Deductions Guide Direction

Those who live a little more than an hour away from New York City have issues like everyone else. Property owners need a rental real estate property tax valuation manual. Anyone who owns real estate should pick up an assessment help property tax and income property tax deductions guide. The politicians play games when it […]

Real Estate Investing Property Tax Conundrum

real estate investing course

When property values ratchet up in gentrifying neighborhoods, so do the taxes assessed on them.  This can put a strain on lower, middle, and fixed-income homeowners struggling to keep up with bills and basic living maintenance fees. Especially if you’re into real estate investing, property tax overhead needs your attention. Not everyone lives in NYC […]