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Property Tax Adjustment For Decibel Levels aka NOISE

What happens if you have noisy neighbors? All too often, previous assessment levels are rolled over and no consideration or oversight to actual market valuation be it for a home or a business. As a business there could be vacancies resulting in a lack of income. If changes in assessed valuations are not challenged, one […]

Real Estate Property Tax Guide

real estate property tax guide

Ever notice how generous tax incentive are given to big retailers and big businesses? Do these tax incentives get change later on or do residential homeowners get left holding the bag? That’s a problem! BIG retailers argued that their stores should be valued as if they were vacant or “dark” properties, and not according to their […]

Unpaid Property Tax and Foreclosure

Don’t pay your taxes or pay your taxes and the art of silence. When families struggle and don’t pay their property tax over a 3-year period, all states have rules in place to foreclose on that property. A property tax sale takes place. The town then gets paid the back taxes. What happens to the […]

Foxes in the hen house equal bigger property tax bills

Foxes in the hen house? Local officials say cities, counties, school districts and natural resources districts have long used the windfalls from valuation growth to cover the rising costs of governing, including inflation, salaries, health care and retirement. There needs to be transparency from local governments! DETAILED salaries for all local employees and all associated […]

Property Tax Rate Cut

It’s been a long hot week for temperature extremes, a federal interest rate cut, Shark Week and political debates. How about a property tax rate cut? Although the dollar is stronger, when it comes to the home front, budget shortfalls seem to always evolve higher. Property taxes never seem to go down. With the reality […]