A Perpetual Gold Nugget Business, Made Simple…

Get FREE access to an under-the-radar Property Tax Appeal  REAL Business Opportunity. FREE EBOOK explains the business in more detail.

Work From Home Business

A business that can be worked from home. With little to no competition, getting clients is not difficult using our marketing plan. Once you get started word of mouth mushrooms even more clients naturally.

Large Contingency Paydays

“Earn as You Learn” approach begins immediately by applying basic facts and figures to your first clients appeal. You’ll find a large contingency payday at the end of every case. 5th grade math and English, nothing complicated to learn.

Work Anywhere (Almost)

NO LICENSE REQUIREMENT except for the state of Texas. Can be worked in in any democratic country that allows for a property tax appeal.  In totalitarian countries that limit transparency, problems might arise.

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