The National Taxpayers Union writes that as many as 60% of all homeowners are over-assessed and not in line with their home value. (“How To Fight Property Taxes” 2004 p.1

Consumer Reports has published that property tax records show an error rate of 40% exists in estimating property taxes. (Nov.1992 v57 nil p.723)

Today’s economy (& many feel it’s a Bubble) is about to see changes!

Is your time worth $100/hour + ?
It can be if you take on this as a business extra.
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Ask yourself, will your town’s budget become more efficient so they can lower taxes? In Economic Theory, Economy of Scale theory states that the more people who share services, the less the cost. The  proportionate saving in costs gained by an increased level of  operational efficiencies and synergies reduces variable costs per unit.
Will embedded public service union (they lie in the background of every towns think tank), cut expenses, be inclined to cut entitlements, lay off workers if feasible in order to lower the property tax burden for that town?

OR, will they increase property taxes keeping or expanding their agendas? In a faltering economy, the worst the economy gets wouldn’t you agree that the skillset of a Property Tax Consultant Analyst will be prized?

The Property Tax Assessment Problem

Towns have expenses they need to budget for. These expenses are met by assigning proportional amounts of assessing taxes on properties within their jurisdiction.  The task of assigning valuations to properties is bid out to a mass blanket appraisal firm in a bidding war. The low-cost bid wins.

This blanket appraisal is specified by the town, sometimes every 8 years, sometimes more, sometimes less depending on the town’s charter.  Homeowners pay thousands in property taxes, some five, ten or twenty or more thousand dollars a year. It’s not uncommon to find businesses paying in the tens, some hundreds of thousands of dollars in property taxes. There are a lot of assessment errors.

It’s an impossible task for officials to keep up with real estate valuation changes. Assessment data becomes old and out of date. Previous data is often simply “rolled over.”

The Property Tax Assessment Solution

Unless a property owner or business owner checks the validity of their property tax assessment yearly, he’s stuck with the towns’ assigned valuation numbers. A Property Tax Consultant can find errors and pursue an appeal.

Since most homeowners and business owner a busy with their lives, they don’t have the time or energy to do what is necessary themselves. A Property Tax Consultant can do this for them saving them thousands of dollars. It’s a win-win for the homeowner or businessman since unless there is a successful property tax appeal, it costs them nothing other than a small filing fee, usually under fifty dollars.

Helping a community by tackling unrealistic assessment valuations is music to the ears. This service becomes cost-effective to right wrongs for those who have the insight to do what is right.

Note that if a bad property tax assessment is not challenged and appealed, that erroneous tax assessment sticks on the books. The homeowner or business owner losses potentially thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars if not investigated.

Short preview of what to expect.

          • You can earn a nice professional income (6 figure) that will NOT disappear no matter what happens to the economy. The worst the economy, the more this service is needed.
          • Anyone taking the course is encouraged and expected to work with a client or a few clients right out of the gate as well as possibly appeal their own property tax, apply what is being taught with that client(s), get paid and be well on the way and ready to help others.
          • The skill learned is profitable and offers a means to additional income and even independence from a 9-5 job.

I spent the equivalent of $120,000 to earn a degree from what is rated as one of the top business colleges (Listed Among World’s Best in CEO Magazine’s 2016 Global MBA Rankings) and worked as a financial analyst for a Fortune 100 company. Curiously, the application for this expensively gained information has been replaced by a relatively low-cost computer program that any high school student could equally employ successfully. Puzzling, most companies that hire a financial analyst cubicle slave are the Forbes Global Fortune 2000 public companies when they need to determine the financial health of their clients; no chance to be independent.

Would you pay $25 thousand dollars to figure out how to
win big dollar paydays … and I mean really smoking big payouts?

What about $60,000? (the price of small college tuition)

OK, how about $12,000 for a specialized training for a business that is evergreen, lacks any serious competition and whose prospects look even greater as time marches on??
I want to reveal to you a much needed, under-the-radar service that applies to any property owner be it residential or business.  And you do not need to spend $120,000, not $1,000 and not even $200.

Hi, I’m the founder of Property Tax Appeal Consulting Course.

Maybe you’ve heard of this under the radar niche. But if you haven’t, I’ll explain.

As a consultant, I’ll cover about a 20 to 30 mile radius from my home which means that there are millions of  properties and territories that need attention.

Let me ask you a question …

Accrues to those in social circles I run in.

Millionaires don’t need my course, they hire others. The market for my services, however, caters to these people. 

Not only those people but those who have 30 times that net worth. However, it’s not only the rich but those of more modest means that benefit from the service.

Assessment values constantly change and as such, If a bad property tax assessment is not challenged and appealed, that erroneous tax assessment is not going to change. That property owner will be forced to overpay thousands of dollars more than what is right and fair. For businesses, that could be tens to hundreds of thousands wasted dollars.


The business that:

Lowers Residential & Business Property Tax Assessments 

Helps any real estate property owner because it

 Reduces their business and/or residential property overhead expense.

Considering a 40%- 60% property tax error rate, there’s a heck of a lot of real estate out there that could use a property tax assessment review!

Property Tax Consultants attack situations where the assessed value IS NOT CORRECT.  Since valuations are constantly changing, scrutiny is needed. Most are too busy to do it themselves.

Property Tax Consultants will always be in demand!  

(Since it does not cost the property owner any upfront money, they are charged ONLY when the appeal is won.)

Real Estate Market Values are CONSTANTLY CHANGING. This is an ever-green unique business and recession proof!

No one owes any public property tax fund more than the law demands.

Using a legal right every American possesses called Special Power Of Attorney one can represent any clients’ case to the assessor or adjustment board without the client being there.

  • This is a convenience to those busy working and who cannot afford taking time off to appeal property tax assessment errors or have time to prepare such an appeal.
  • It allows one to help those who are old and infirmed and cannot travel comfortably, those away on business, on vacation, own vacation homes, etc.
  • It helps the over-assessed fix a wrong in order to pay ONLY their fair share and not continue getting fleeced by overpaying.


Noncorporate business, owns $9.704 trillion in real estate.
Corporate America owns $9.867 trillion of real estate.
Total value of all US homes is $27.5 trillion in October 2014.

Real Estate Market Values are CONSTANTLY CHANGING!

The housing crash has a lot more to go!

Real estate values are projected to drop as we witness deflationary pressures exert their influence. The greater real estate bust lays ahead. Some say a 49% depreciation, others even project a 69% drop.

Since real estate valuations are constantly changing, the need for consultants helping over-assessments is great!


Evidence for DEFLATION

Deflation and over-assessments. Our course will show you how to earn sizeable contingency commissions helping residential and business entities whose properties or over-assessed.

Practitioners Are Needed Now and Well Into The Future!

NOTE: Notice the expected downward trend for real estate prices. Reducing overhead tax expense now and in the future should be a MUST DO!

Informed or not, the local establishment property tax assessor is at the mercy of blanket assessments that they outsource. The local tax assessors don’t have the time or energy to go out of the way to correct any injustices. The only avenue is appeal. Our training makes the process routine and effective.


Spending Wave Down

Americans have been spending less compared to what they used to. For decades, inflation-adjusted wages have been flat or falling. The $4.03-an-hour rate recorded in January 1973 has the same purchasing power as $22.41 on October 2014. The science of Demographics predicts major economic and market shifts. Deflation, not inflation lies ahead.

Homeowners and businesses are trying to save money. Good news … clients are easy to find! If you see and trust what is coming, it is an opportunity to make a lot of money.

Expensive City Valuation Comparisons

Expensive cities

Constant valuation shifts. Valuations of real estate in key cities vary and are always changing. The chart shows Phoenix, after the first housing bubble crash, is affordable. Other valuations such as in San Francisco are priced 10 times household income.

Estimates for the percentage of over-assessed properties range from 40% to 60%! Large numbers of older people retire, downsize their homes, cut their spending and are the root of deflationary pressure.  Demand will go down. Lower property prices will call out for assessment scrutiny.

For the Next 10+ Years: Changing real estate market prices cry out for help to tax consultants scrutinizing for excessive property tax assessments.


Most homeowners and businesses are so busy at their jobs and overwhelmed with the pace of life that they don’t even have time to scrutinize a do-it-yourself book let alone engage in a property tax appeal. They balk at the high expense of using professional representation.

Note: Downward trends shown from graphs published on Dent Research imply a repeated need for assessment revaluations for the next 20 years. Potential prospects numbers are HUGE! Property owners will want to reduce their overhead expense not only now but long into the future!

You’ve found information that very few get to see. SEO (search engine optimization) is all about appearing on the front page of Google and other search engines for keywords. Anything to do with “property taxes” or “property tax assessments” ideas are .gov sites. Since .gov are deemed authority sites by search engines, only .gov sites appear on the first few pages for those related “property tax” search terms. Almost any internet search for useful .com, .net information for those terms are hidden. This is a rarely found site.

Not surprisingly The National Taxpayers Union had published that as many as 60% of all homeowners were over-assessed and not in line with their home value. * Consumer Reports  even published that property tax records show error rates of 40% exists in estimating property taxes.**


It can be applied to any residential home or business property: Good data is easy to get.  Plug in the valuation figures and adjust the comparable categories using our step-by-step guide.  Marketing ideas and advice for starting and getting clients any time you choose are provided.

> Important prototype business contract forms, follow-up letters, invoice forms are provided. These are professionally honed documents streamline your business in every way and cover all and any issue that could arise.

> A mastermind marketing plan plus all the insider tips makes finding customers a non-issue.

> Property tax appeal analysis presentation forms are provided where one can highlight analysis and property tax appeal conclusions.


Your client’s tax win continues and rolls over year after year: This is not just a one shot deal!

If you reduce a tax say $1,200 for the year, that saving rolls over every year until the next blanket reassessment arrives which could be 5, 10, 20 or more years.

Expect many referrals!


Our course is fully road tested and guaranteed to work:  Easy to apply and understand. Many examples along with detailed explanations. The course is updated every few years and has be the cornerstone of property tax consultants for over 15 years.

Instead of clients paying over $1,000 for professionals to represent them in their appeal with no guarantee of winning,  finding a helpful property tax consultant is a pleasant alternative for any home or business owner!


Easily detect over-assessment using exact parameters. Use the right numbers, appeal your client’s tax: Use price adjustments for every reduction adjustment category pertinent to any property.

Make authentic appeals using right appeal arithmetic!


It becomes extremely difficult to find fault: Make a property tax appeal that will hold up to public scrutiny. Construct a winning appeal using accurate figures. Initially win 70% – 95% of cases that are appealed. Gravitate to the upper end of the scale (95%+) with experience!


It is idiot proof and everything you need is provided: Step-by-step instructions are design so adjustments are easy to follow. “Earn as You Learn” approach beginning with your first client’s property tax appeal. With this kind of experience and a few others under your belt, you’ll become an expert quickly!


Help at every step: Advice, tips and instruction from professional appraisers and a property tax consultant coaching. Our only aim is to make you succeed.

You’ll not get tired with this gig. Every home is different and interesting.  You’ll make new friends and find new possibilities. Besides, you’ll be benefiting your customer, yourself and helping the assessor in issuing the proper the assessment.


A service that empowers homeowners and commercial businesses to correct egregious over-assessed properties and tax over payments because of clumsy government assessments.

Help clients correct over payment and set the record straight. In the process of helping the client, you can earn sizable commissions!


Set your own contingency fees to charge clients. Appealing commercial and industrial properties can bring extra hefty contingency fees.

Contingency fees are based upon winning a case. If your average win is $2,500, then you will see a full $2,500 fee and spread payment over a one, two or three year period. You could also charge a one-time up front fee for that property tax analysis making that fee deductible if they choose to appeal.

Lower assessment you won for your client endures many years, in some cases 15 years or more! Even new assessments can be re-appealed lower given changing market conditions!


With a margin of error bordering 40 to 60%, inept assessment are waving red flags everywhere.
Imagine a cashier in a bank, grocery store, gas station playing that kind of margin of error game with your bill?
This money is REAL and the signs of ineptitude and inefficiency are all around just waiting to be discovered.

It’s not very difficult to find and WIN Property Tax Appeals!


What does that tell you about the system? There’s a lot of B.S. nonsense assessments floating around. They will stay that way, property owners will be victims by neglect unless assessments are challenged. That’s why Property Tax Consulting is a good business. It promotes fairness and property tax assessment justice.

The establishment is not going to go out of their way to fix problems. They just want to keep the aggregate tax base intact.

Who doesn’t want their property taxes analyzed and scrutinized?  With about a 40/60 error rate and chance that a reduction could be in order for a potential client, there exists a real need for this business!

Considering 41% of the U.S. population has less than $500 in savings and more than two-thirds of the near-retirement households fall short in retirement savings, helping over-assessed families and businesses will bring many a well deserved smile.

The course is power packed yet easy to use. With an “earn as you learn” approach, participants will be encouraged to sign up your first client as you apply the course material. This makes the course more than paid for right out of the gate. Since we want to help out as much as possible, we keep the cost of the course inexpensive and affordable. You can get a ten thousand dollar plus education, a highly marketable skillset that you can immiadiately use,  authored by certified real estate appraisers for  less than $200.00, complete!!










Property tax consulting is a unique and important service. We have crafted each and every lesson with extensive care and precision. We make the examples and application  power packed yet easy to use.

Note:  Texas is the only state in the union where a state license is required for providing a property tax consulting service.

Assessment appeal will work in the US and in any democratic country that allows for property tax appeals. In a totalitarian country that doesn’t allow for review, no.

There is no reason this business would not work in Canada and similar countries.

Property Tax Consulting Course helps over-assessed business properties lower their property tax! helps entrepreneurs earn high contingency paychecks! helps over-assessed homeowners lower their property tax!